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Group procedure:

  1. Go to and click on your group. 

  2. Admit clients as they enter. New clients are listed on the attendance spreadsheet. If you don’t recognize someone trying to enter, let them in, ask who they are, and if they are not supposed to be there you can ask them to leave. They can always reach out to me if there is any confusion. 240-906-0121

  3. Remind clients they are required to pay their fees in order to be compliant. Document that this was stated.

  4. Fill out attendees on a sign-in sheet (phone numbers not necessary).

  5. Save sign-in sheets and group notes to Raffi's inbox.

Documents you need


Document title formats:

  • sign-in sheet:
    (group #) MM-DD-YY (1st initial of group leader 1)(1st initial of group leader 2).(# of participants)

    • example: 101 03-02-21 CS.6

    • example: 244 03-05-21 J.10

  • group notes: (group number) MM-DD-YY notes 

    • example: 101 03-02​-21 notes

    • example: 244 03-05-21 notes

Please put one client note per page. Password protection is not needed on this document.

Administrative Training Videos

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