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Scroll down for meeting links.

Online meetings take place on Zoom. If you are using a cell phone or tablet, you may need to download the app:


How to join a Zoom meeting from your computer:

How to join a Zoom meeting from your phone:

Check if your Zoom is working:

Please remember the following rules for intakes & groups:

  • You must be online, on time, and awake for the entire group time, with your video on and face visible.

  • Do not engage in other activities during group time (e.g.: texting, social media, e-mail, games, etc.).

  • You must be in a private area, without other people present if at all possible. If you cannot be alone, we ask that you use earphones in order to protect the confidentiality of others.

  • You must be sitting down during group, not walking or lying down. You may not be driving during group.

  • Do not have children or pets in the room with you.

  • Do not smoke or eat during group. You may drink non-alcoholic drinks.

  • You must be dressed as if you were attending group in person.

  • No audio or video recording of any of the online sessions by any party is permitted.

  • You must be physically located in Maryland while participating in group (even if you are participating virtually).

  • You are allowed up to 6 absences during your time in the program. You must attend 22 in all to complete the full program. If you are absent for 3 consecutive weeks and we do not hear from you, you will be dismissed from the program.

  • You are expected to pay $20 each week unless you have applied for a fee reduction. You may be restricted from attending if you are not up to date with your payments.

Group Meeting Links

Please be sure to enter your full name into Zoom.

If we don't know who you are, we can't let you in.

Monday groups are in person at 1500 E. Gude Dr., Rockville, MD

If Montgomery County government (not public schools) shuts down due to the weather, all groups are cancelled. Call 311 or visit for that information.

Click here for tips on getting your sound and video to work.

Do not click here if you are trying to attend a group meeting.

Free outdoor Wi-Fi access is available at Montgomery County Public Libraries:

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